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our values

Presence over performance

Pursuing the presence of God in our worship, not the performance of man.

Encounter over entertainment

Striving to lead others into a genuine encounter with the Holy Spirit, not to entertain them.

Intimacy over industry

Leading others into an intimate relationship with Jesus, not to make a name or profit for ourselves.

Purpose over programs

Focusing on God's calling and purpose for our lives rather than the programs that we offer.

Servanthood over status

Humbly serving others like Jesus did, not obtaining status and positions of authority with men.

Pleasing God over pleasing man

Our goal is not to make the church happy, but to make it holy. When the church is holy, God is happy.

Kingdom growth over church growth

Jesus has called us to win the lost, so, when we grow the Kingdom, He will build His church.

Jesus over everything

Jesus will always be the central focus of everything we do.

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